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Covid-19 Virus: Advice to all tenants

Since companies are obliged to organize telework as much as possible, fewer and fewer people will be in the buildings, as a result of which social control will also decrease sharply.


We therefore recommend the following:


  • First, we insist on strict adherence to all hygiene guidelines and advice. We have also instructed the cleaning crew to carry out additional cleaning jobs in the common sanitary areas, door handles, bell and lift buttons. If possible, they will also place an antibacterial hand gel dispenser in the common areas. We have insisted that any soap dispensers in the communal sanitary areas be replenished.
  • Prevent as much as possible any contact with sick persons or persons who show possible disease symptoms.
  • For up-to-date information, we advise you to consult the websites of the World Health Organization and all competent Federal, Regional and Local authorities regularly.
  • Use the lifts as little as possible and certainly do not use the lifts if you think you are alone in  a building.
  • Make sure that all entrance doors and / or garage doors are closed carefully when entering or leaving the building.
  • Do not grant access to persons if they do not have an access key or badge themselves. Visitors must always report to the tenant via the door intercom.
  • Please check carefully that there are no water leaks in the rented space and more particularly in the kitchens, kitchenettes, lunch areas, sanitary installations, etc. Notify our services immediately if any leak is found.
  • Ensure that all lights are turned off when you leave the offices.
  • Immediately report any technical problem you have identified in the building to our services via the well-known communication channels that we will remind you below.
  • Do not leave food or valuables in the rented space if you will be absent for a long time.
  • In the event of a longer absence, ensure that all non-essential electrical appliances are disconnected from the network and any privative alarm systems are switched on.
  • You are free to inform us, in a constructive and preventive atmosphere, which measures you have already taken and / or will take in respect of your employees and / or your visitors



  • (teleworking, isolation, complete closing) of the offices. Please note that we, as property manager, have under no circumstance the authority to impose any measure on you in this regard.
  • It is therefore your sole responsibility as an employer to request, if necessary, your employees to be placed in isolation or quarantine if the need arises, to impose teleworking partly or completely on your employees and, if required, gather the necessary information about this.
  • It goes without saying that we request that you ensure that persons who have been
  • quarantined ARE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES admitted to the offices you have rented, nor to the building of which the spaces you have rented are part.
  • Please take into account that under the GDPR legislation you are not allowed to provide us with the identity data of any infected persons. This is to protect privacy.
  • As a representative of the owner-lessor, we must ensure that the common parts and installations of the buildings managed by us function properly. As a result, we will continue to conduct day-to-day management with strict adherence to applicable safety, hygiene and health provisions, rules, laws and regulations.
  • We will of course remain available through our usual following communication channels and will continue to monitor everything closely, in order to deal with this exceptional situation.


The Cobelpro Team wishes you all the strength to overcome this difficult period and hope to see you back in full health very soon.


Cobelpro Team



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